ABOUT Levona Travel

Our Name

Levona is the name given in Biblical times to Frankincense. It is the name of one of the finest products of nature with an essence so special that when burnt was worthy of God (Jeremiah 6:20) (Song of Solomon 4:14).

In the Old Testament the Lord ordered Moses and Aaron to use it every day in the altar (Exodus 30:34). In the New Testament it is mentioned as the offering that was acceptable to be given to the Messiah and hence it was one the presents, with gold and myrrh that the Three Wise Men brought to baby Jesus. (Isaiah: 40:20, 60:6), (Jeremiah 17:26, 41:5) and (Matthew 2:11).

Our Company

מכתש רמוןThe experience of our staff in the travel industry qualifies us to give the service of excellence and efficiency that our visitors demand and appreciate. We assist our traveler from the early planning stages, throughout their amazing tour of the Holy Land, to their safe return home.
We offer a variety of expertly developed itineraries; we customize our tours according to the needs of our particular visitors and ensure that the resulting program is perfect to the very last detail. Our tours will allow our traveler to visit the ancient biblical places as well as the modern developments in Israel. Merging history and present in a unique place in the world. Our knowledgeable guides interactively work with group organizers to bring the most amazing experience to our travelers aiming to water their faith and bring the Scriptures alive.

Our Services Include:

  • VIP Services
  • Hotel reservations
  • Land and travel arrangements
  • Spiritual tours
  • Heritage tours
  • Leisure tours
  • Special interest tours
  • Large variety of sightseeing tours
  • Daily, two days and multi-day tours
  • Conferences and Seminars
  • Special spiritual meetings and services led by Israeli Christian spiritual and Church leaders

Contact us now, and we will be happy to help you plan the best experience of your life.